Sunday, 16 January 2011


Why do we blog? 

For the last few days I have been playing with various blog systems, creating, customising and testing out, and then last night I thought, "Why do we blog?"

Some sneer and say it's because we are self absorbed, but those that know me, know that I am far from self absorbed.

Others say "how boring to read about other peoples lives, why do they think we are interested" - Now to me, it's those type of people that are so self absorbed that they aren't interested in anyone but themselves.  I love reading the journal type blogs.  Maybe that makes me nosy,  I would be the first to admit that, but it certainly doesn't make me self absorbed or boring.

Even more people will say that unless a blog is imparting some sort of knowledge, is well written, technical, scientific or such, then it's not worth either writing or reading about.  But surely it's reading about other people outlook on life, other peoples experiences that are equally as interesting.

Many people that would love to keep a blog are held back by the fact that they think that they aren't interesting enough or haven't experienced anything worth writing about.  This is such a shame because even the Mother bringing up 10 kids or the young teen desperate to find a job or maybe juggling job and college,  has a vast amount of experience in fields that others haven't.

Everyone is interesting, regardless of age, intelligence, life style or writing ability. 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Here We Go Again

Here we go again. Yet another new year, which surely must mean at least one new year resolution. Actually I have two resolutions and they weren't hard to choose.

They may not have been hard to choose, but they are both certainly going to be hard to keep. I am going to do my absolute best to stick to them though.

Number 1 is simply to give up smoking. I have been psyching myself up for this one for the last few weeks.

Number 2 is to stop spending so much time on the computer. I really do need to become more physically active or I am going to come to a complete stand still. It really isn't healthy the amount of time I spend sitting on my backside on this machine.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Brand New Me

I have decided that enough is enough. I have to drag up some self discipline from somewhere.

Today I am organising a new me. Gone is the person that sits for hours and hours on the computer reading and posting. Myself and my home are going to start being put first.

The flat is being given a thorough whip around, and my wardrobe is going to be sorted. I permanently live in old comfortable clothes. Makeup only goes on when I am going out somewhere special, and I continually walk around like an old bag lady because of it. And there is absolutely no excuse for this except laziness and being addicted to the computer.

My excuse for not buying new clothes is I hate shopping, and I don't have transport so have to rely on my Daughter to take me out to the larger towns. Well, what is wrong with me shopping on line? What is wrong with me walking to the Chemist in my village to replace old makeup? And what is wrong with me tarting myself up every day and not just on special occasions?

Absolutely nothing except sheer bone idleness.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Feeling Down

It's it funny that when one is already feeling down how it seems to attract more negativity to you?

I have been feeling low this last few days, (not like me), and today I seem to have been hit from all sides.

I woke up with a splitting headache. The dog woke up with a runny bum. And a stupid old man had a go at me, this morning.

As I say, Bayley isn't feeling quite the ticket so on taking him out this morning he did his normal morning poo and a few minutes later did another one. After picking both lots up I made my way back to the flat looking forward to getting some pills down me with my first cup of tea of the morning and a ciggie.

Just as we entered the communal gardens, Bayley decided to have yet another poo on the grass. I picked that up and walked a few more steps. Bugger me if Bayley didn't squat again. As I was picking that up I heard an old bugger from downstairs shouting behind his window at me "You're supposed to make him do that on the beach". ????

I totally ignored the silly old sod. I gave no sign of having heard him, but carried on walking the few more steps to get to the front door. Next I heard him shout "YOU HEARD ME". By then I had my key in the door anyway.

Never, ever, do I let Bayley do his business on the grounds. I always carry him out and don't put him down until we are in the road. He is always allowed to walk back in though when he is empty. Everyone in the block knows this.

The injustice of being bellowed at like that really upset me. Stupid I know, and if I wasn't feeling like shite myself I would probably have laughed it off. But on top of feeling low anyway, having a splitting headache, I ridiculously let it put me in a mild depression today.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Far Too Lazy is Me

I decided today that I am far, far, too lazy.  Spending most of my day, every day, sitting on the comp, and apart from the walking of the dog have been getting no regular exercise for months now.

My solution was to break out my Wii Fit again.  Easier said than done.

First of all it took me about 15 minutes to remember on which channel and what setting I needed my TV to be on to find the Wii.

Having got that sorted I then discovered the hand device had dead batteries.  It was then a hunt to find fresh batteries that I might have left after my Granddaughters had pinched them all.  Wonderful!  I found 2 AA batteries which were the last 2 left in what was originally a large pack.

I set up the Wii Fit and discovered that I hadn't been on it for about 500 days, or so the Wii told me.  So I deleted that user and created a new Mi.  All set to go you would think.  Not so.

On then turning on the platform I discovered those batteries were also dead.  Not only that but the batteries had been sitting there for so long they had all leaked.  I then set about cleaning out the gunk that leaked batteries leave behind which didn't take long, but I had no replacement batteries.

Being determined to actually step foot on the Wii and do at least 10 minutes training today, I set off at a brisk walk to the shop, (walking is still exercise isn't it?).  Bought the batteries and a brisk walk back.

Finally I am now ready to actually start with the Wii training.

After the initial test exercises the Wii informs me of my statistics.

Body Mass Index = 20.73  (Anything between 20.0 to 22.0 is the perfect BMI)
Weight 8st 1lb (113lb)
Wii Fit age of 41 (21 years younger than my real age)

I then set to and did 5 minutes of sking and a 6 minute run.  I was then shattered so I logged 11 minutes of exercise today, add 10 mins brisk walk to the shop and back (one is allowed to count that) which has given me the grand total of 21 mins exercise.

Now sitting eating a chocolate bar.